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  • Infectious Diseases Telemedicine consultation for COVID 19 from your home.
  • We offer in home COVID-19 testing. We will come to your home and collect your sample.
  • We recommend testing based on your symptoms or exposure history.
  • We recommend various treatment options available based on the severity of your illness.

COVID-19 testing

  • We offer PCR based testing for COVID 19 with turn around time of 24- 48 hours.
  • Appointment required.
  • We also test for COVID antibody.


COVID-19 is a viral illness caused by a novel strain of Coronavirus called SARS CoV-2 ( Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus -2). This virus caused a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China. It then spread rapidly in the entire world resulting in a global pandemic.

Over 30 million confirmed cases of COVID 19 cases have been reported worldwide . The overall case burden of COVID -19 is considered to be much higher as only a small proportion of acute infections are diagnosed and reported.

Transmission of COVID-19

Person to person transmission of COVID 19 is the primary means of transmission of the SARS-COV2. These viruses are released in the respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks and can infect a person closeby when it makes direct contact with the mucous membranes. Infection can also occur indirectly when a person’s hands are contaminated by virus particles and they touch their nose, mouth or eyes. Respiratory droplets are considered to travel as far as six feet distance.

Viral shedding and infectiousness

An individual infected with the SARS-CoV2 is more likely to be contagious in the earlier stage of the illness when the viral particles in the upper respiratory tract is the highest. Based on a study in China, the affected individual can be infectious about 2-3 days prior to the symptom onset. The infectiousness declined within 7 days. Transmission of SARS-COV2 from individuals with asymptomatic infection has been documented with similar duration of infectiousness as compared to symptomatic individuals. The risk of acquiring infection from a contact depends on the type and duration of exposure and preventative measures taken. It has been reported that transmission rate is higher with prolonged exposure in indoor setting. However, close contact with an individual with COVID-19 in outdoor setting is equally risky.


In case of widespread community transmission of SAR-CoV2, individuals should be encouraged to practice social distancing by avoiding crowds, gathering and maintaining a distance of at least six feet from other individuals in public. Wearing masks in public is also encouraged.  In addition these measures are encouraged: frequent hand washing , practicing respiratory hygiene, avoiding touching face, cleaning public contacted surfaces frequently, and allowing adequate ventilation in indoor spaces.